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Date: May 20th
Oklahoma City - Kitchen 324
Tulsa - Chuy's

Next Event:

Date: June 22nd
Both in Oklahoma City
and Tulsa

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May OKC Program Recap

Lance McDaniel, Artistic Director of the Dead Center Film Festival, presented to a small SMPS crowd this week. He relayed some interesting facts about what arts education can do to shape creative thinkers in our public schools. Note: the deadCenter film festival, now and Oklahoma City institution, was named because Oklahoma City is in the dead center of the country, not because the film festival has anything to do with horror films. So what does a leader of a film festival have to say about … [Read More...]

Save the Date for these upcoming SMPS Oklahoma Programs:

May 25 -  Table Talk

OKC & Tulsa

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June 14 - Client Panel

June 22 -  Bitesize Learning
OKC & Tulsa




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